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2017 Awards

Most Liked

1) At the End of the Tunnel
2) The Journey
3) In Syria
4) I, Daniel Blake
5) King's Choices
6) Wind River
7) Paradise
8) The Net
9) Kills on Wheels
10)Bye Bye Germany

Best Director A Dragon Arrives!
Best Cinematographer Soul on a String
Best Script The Hippopotamus
Best Music American Folk
Best Actor Between The Journey
Best Actress Between Mellow Mud
Best "Guilty Pleasure" Vampire Cleanup Department

Top Documentaries

1) The Farthest
2) The Work
3) Chasing Coral
4) Rumble: The Indians Who Rock

Top Archival Presentations

1) Cabaret
2) The Marseille Trilogy: Fanny
3) The Marseille Trillogy: Cesar
4) Animal Crackers

196 passholders averaged 67 films each in this year’s balloting.


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