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2004 Awards

2004 Fool Serious Awards

193 holders of SIFF passes (full series, platinum, press and staff) rated every SIFF film they saw, averaging 69 films each.

The Most Liked films (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Most Liked Rating
The Twilight Samurai 2.60
Snow Walker 2.48
Since Otar Left 2.46
Hero 2.36
Take My Eyes 2.34
The Story of the Weeping Camel 2.19
Dear Frankie 2.16
The Best Of Youth: Part 2 2.15
The Tulse Luper Suitcases: Part 1, The Moab Story 2.05
Untold Scandal 2.02

The Top Documentaries (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Documentaries Rating
The Corporation 1.99
Heir To an Execution 1.70
Big City Dick 1.68
Paper Clips 1.58

The Top Archival Presentations (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Archival Presentations Rating
Playtime 2.56
The Man on the Train 2.55
The Widow of Saint-Pierre 2.29
The Girl on the Bridge 2.22

The Special Category Award Winners are:

Category Film
Best Director Zhang Yimou (Hero)
Best Script Shane Carruth (Primer) tied with
Yoji Yamada, Yoshitaka Asama (The Twilight Samurai)
Best Cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Hero)
Best Music Tan Dun (Hero)
Best Actor Luis Tosar (Take My Eyes)
Best Actress Since Otar Left
Best Guilty Pleasure Danny Deckchair

This data was gathered from around midnight Saturday 6/12/04 until 3:00am Sunday 6/13/04.