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2003 Awards

2003 Fool Serious Awards

236 holders of SIFF passes (full series, platinum, press and staff) rated every SIFF film they saw, averaging 63 films each.

The Most Liked films (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Most Liked Rating
Oasis 2.70
The Cuckoo 2.68
Whale Rider 2.54
Chaos 2.46
Autumn Spring 2.26
Magdalene Sisters 2.06
Together 2.01
Secret Festival #4 1.92
A Soldier's Girl 1.92
Song For a Raggy Boy 1.84

The Top Documentaries (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Documentaries Rating
Capturing The Friedmans 2.48
Winged Migration 2.39
To Be and To Have 2.12
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 2.02

The Top Archival Presentations (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Archival Presentations Rating
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin 2.00
Le Cercle Rouge 1.63
Jason and the Argonauts 1.39
Come Drink With Me 1.09

The Special Category Award Winners are:

Category Film
Best Director Niki Caro (Whale Rider)
Best Script Steven Knight (Dirty Pretty Things)
Best Cinematographer Gergely Pohrnok (Hukkle)
Best Music Zhao Lin (Together)
Best Actor Seol Kyung-gu (Oasis)
Best Actress Moon So-ri (Oasis)
Best Guilty Pleasure So Close

This data was gathered from around midnight Saturday 6/14/03 until 3:30am Sunday 6/15/03.

Serious Fools' Faves for SIFF 2003