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2000 Awards

2000 Fool Serious Awards

219 holders of SIFF passes (full series, platinum, press and staff) rated every SIFF film they saw, averaging 63 films each.  We made some minor changes to the rating system this year.

  1. The films were rated on a scale of: Absolute Best (+4), Almost Best (+3), Truly Great (+2), Nearly Great (+1), Good (0), Average (-1), Below (-2), Way Below (-3), or Least Favorite (-4).
  2. Both documentaries and archivals were excluded from the rankings (previously only archivals were excluded).
  3. The Most Favorite category was dropped, replaced by Top Documentaries and Top Archival Presentations.

The Most Liked films (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Most Liked Rating
When the Rain Lifts 3.09
Shower 2.70
Under the Sun 2.49
Butterfly 2.39
I'm the One that I Want 2.23
Solas 2.18
The Five Senses 2.14
Kirikou & the Sorceress 2.14
Flowers From Another World 1.93
Girl On the Bridge 1.85

The Top Documentaries (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Documentaries Rating
Long Nights Journey Into Day 2.33
Sound and Fury 2.00
Dark Days 1.73
Keep the River 1.72

The Top Archival Presentations (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Top Archival Presentations Rating
Raging Bull 2.93
Blood Simple 2.59
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie 2.22
Gallipoli 2.05

This data was gathered from around 11:30pm Saturday 6/10/00 until 3:30am Sunday 6/11/00.