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Balloting and Awards

One of the main activities of FOOL serious is our annual balloting. Balloting is now primarily done electronically via the website.

We invite ALL passholders (or other certified FOOLs) to submit a ballot and rate the films they’ve seen. Even if you don’t want to join or call yourself a FOOL, we’d still appreciate and respect your votes. We feel the best comparative data comes from collecting the votes from those folks who see the most films and are passionate cinephiles.

Ballots are collected until midnight on the final Saturday night of SIFF. Then a group of tireless volunteers work through the night and into the morning validating and coding each ballot, and inputting every vote into a truly FOOLish tabulation program. Somewhere around the light of dawn, votes are tallied, checked and sent off to the printer. By the time the line at Secret forms the initial FOOLish results, containing award lists of the best and worst of festival, are distributed amongst anticipating FOOLs.

A list of announced awards is posted on the public area of this website.  Complete results are only available to FOOLS.
Past Fool Serious Awards may be viewed here.

Social Events

We generally host several parties each year. There’s the “FOOLish Farewell Dinner Party” held the Monday following closing night of SIFF. Here many of the FOOLs who have come from out-of-state gather with other FOOLs to share a final evening of camaraderie among those we see for only a few weeks every year.

There’s also the annual “FOOL serious Summer Party and Potluck” held a couple of weeks after the end of festival at which most of the personalized ballot results are handed out. For the remainder of the afternoon FOOLs compare data, seek out those they most agreed with as well as those they most disagreed with to passionately discuss there favorites and relish in describing their least favorite film of fest.

We’ve thrown Academy Award parties, “Fall Blow-Out Cine-Bash Parties”, we gather at select openings, can be seen in lines of sneak previews and have even been found at the drive-ins... Details of FOOLish parties are posted on our members only FOOL Serious Listserv.