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2018 Awards

Most Liked

1) The Guilty
2) See You Up There
3) Blindspotting
4) Tigers Are Not Afraid
5) The Last Suit
6) Supa Modo
7) A Prayer Before Dawn
8) Eighth Grade
9) Ellen
10) Something Useful

Top Documentaries

1) Won't You Be My Neighbor?
2) In Praise of Nothing
3) Ballet Now
4) Return to Mount Kennedy
5) Three Identical Strangers

Top Archivals

1) Being There
2) Sansho the Bailiff
3) Found Footage Festival: Cherished Gems
4) Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day
5) Edward II

Best Director                     See You Up There
Best Cinematographer        Naples in Veils
                                        The Song of Scorpions
Best Script                        The Guilty
Best Music                         Hearts Beat Loud
Best Actor                         The Last Suit
Best Actress                       My Name is Myeisha
Best "Guilty Pleasure"         Streaker


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