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1999 Awards

210 holders of SIFF passes (full series, platinum, press and staff) rated every SIFF film they saw, averaging 59 films each. The films were rated on a scale of: Most Favorite (+4), Top of the Heap (+3), Honorable Mention (+2), Guilty Pleasure (+1), Neutral (0), Excusable Irritant (-1), Dishonorable Mention (-2), Bottom of the Heap (-3), or Least Favorite (-4).

The Most Favorite films (those rated Most Favorite by the highest percentage of those who saw it, and by at least 10 voters) are:

Most Favorite Rating
Run Lola Run 44%
Battleship Potemkin 39%
Return With Honor 33%
The Third Man 33%
Limbo 32%
Lovers of the Arctic Circle 28%
Earth 27%
Beseiged 26%
Some Like It Hot 26%
The Red Violin 24%

The Most Liked films (those with the highest weighted average vote) are:

Most Liked Rating
Run Lola Run 3.02
Return With Honor 2.86
Some Like It Hot 2.85
Battleship Potemkin 2.77
Earth 2.75
The Third Man 2.74
Limbo 2.70
The Assault 2.65
The Interview 2.63
One False Move 2.61

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