Who are the Fools?

The FOOL serious are the officially unofficial un-organization of the Seattle International Film Festival‘s Full Series passholders. While not officially a part of SIFF, we are staunch festival supporters and consider ourselves to be the festival’s ambassadors.

The ‘FOOL serious’ (a word play on “Full Series”) are a truly fanatical group of cinephiles that gather throughout the festival to share our mutual love of cinema while standing in lines, congregating in the lobby or posting our comments online. Our passion is sharing our enthusiasm and engaging in discussions of all things cinematic and FOOLish!

Aside from this website, we host a FOOLish Facebook page which is open to the public and where we post some of our reviews and public comments. We also have our own ‘members only’ online discussion group, produce the infamous FOOLs Ballot which at the end of each festival provides each FOOL with personalized results. These are passed out at our ‘end of festival’ party and rank every film that played that year‘s festival as well as a wealth of other statistics. We also throw other FOOLish parties and year round events celebrating SIFF and the world of cinema.

We, as FOOLs, proudly take our passion for exceptional film to extremes not understood by casual moviegoers who may regard us as FOOLishly obsessed with the world of cinema. Our FOOLish community includes all varieties of passholders, current and former theater and festival staff, long-time volunteers and others who come together each spring to celebrate this annual celluloid celebration known as The Seattle International Film Festival.

Finding a FOOL is easy, aside from a slightly pale complexion (from sitting in movies all day) we are the ones standing in the passholder line, wearing FOOLish buttons and passionately discussing the films we’ve seen or are about to see. If you are new to festival, introduce yourself to a FOOL and we’ll gladly help guide your way. If you want to know the buzz abut a film, we encourage you to jump in and join the conversation... But when the lights dim, it’s time to hush down, settle in your seat, and let yourself go into the dark to see the light.